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Zuckerberg Gets $1 Trillion Gift on Elon Musk’s Birthday

It was Elon Musk’s birthday on June 28, 2021. He turned 50 this year. But it is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who has got the gift of $1 trillion in the S&P 500.

The market value of the S&P 500 communication service giant Facebook hit $1 trillion on June 28. That is somewhat of wonder as many investors thought Musk’s Tesla would hit the milestone first.And yet, Facebook’s market value has ascended more than 30per cent during this year to get closed on Monday at $1.08 trillion. Facebook has now become the fifth company in the S&P 500 to have topped an evaluation of a trillion-dollar.

According to Dow Jones, it took almost 41 trading days for Facebook to go from the amount of $900 billion to a trillion. In contrast, it had only taken 30 trading days for Microsoft to do the same.But Tesla is currently going on the contrary. The stock is down to a percentage of 2.4 during this year. However, it is perked up this month. This means that Tesla is holding a worth of only about two-thirds of Facebook or just an amount of $663.5 billion.

Zuckerberg 12.5 percent stake in the company is now holding a worth of $126.3 billion. This tops Musk’s stake of $117.4 billion in Tesla. Musk owns only 17.7 percent of Tesla.Perhaps, Musk will get a trillion-dollar gift for his 51st birthday from Zuckerberg.

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