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Xiaomi replaces Apple as Second Largest Vendor

As per the trusted reports, the smart phone company Xiaomi is now the second largest company vendor owing to its shipments across the globe in the second quarter of the year 2021, as per the data from Canalys. The company based out of China is now holding 17 % of the market share across the globe as staed by a research firm, just after Samsung, who holds 19 % of the industry share but more than Apple holding 14% share in the market.

The companies Oppo and Vivo have come under the top five vendors by holding around 10 percent of the industry share. All of these five companies have been witnessing a huge rise in their shipments every year, but the way in which Xiaomi has managed to increase its volume is a notable feature. The company yhas managed to ship 83% more shipments in this year as compared to the same time in theh previous year. The shipments of Samsung increased by 15 % where as Apple saw a rise of just one percent this year.

Ben Stanton, the research manager at Canalys stated that Xiaomi is witnessing a fast rise in its overseas business, with a spike in the number of sakes in the region such as Africa, Latin America and Western Europe. The company is majorly inclined towards mass market; however, the price of their products is around 40 to 75% cheaper than the competitors Samsung and Apple. So the major priority of the company is to increase the sales of their high end products.

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