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Windows 11’s Next Big Update arrives Next Month

Windows 11’s upgrade Version 22H2 is scheduled for delivery on September 20th by Microsoft. The Verge is informed by sources acquainted with Microsoft’s plans. The release of 22H2 through Windows Update will begin on September 20th, one week after Microsoft releases its regular Patch Tuesday updates. Windows 11’s 22H2, which Microsoft has been beta-testing for several months, will have a variety of new enhancements, including programme folders in the Start menu, drag and drop on the taskbar, and new touch gestures and animations.

With 22H2, Microsoft is also introducing a new Live Captions accessibility tool that is perfect for those who are hard of hearing, deaf, or who want to automatically caption audio. Similar to that, 22H2 has a new Voice Access capability that enables users to command their PCs verbally. In Windows 11’s 22H2, the Task Manager is also getting a makeover with a new dark mode and a much nicer look that includes a new command bar and an efficiency mode to reduce resource consumption by apps.

In 22H2, Snap Layouts will also receive a significant upgrade that will make it simpler to drag an app to show all of the available layouts for organising apps. Microsoft is also developing tabs for File Explorer; these tabs won’t be available until after September 20th. Another upgrade for 22H2 is anticipated later this year, according to Central, and it will contain File Explorer tabs and a new Suggested Actions feature. Testers can now apply the final update if they want to gain access to Windows 11’s 22H2 a little early.

The Verge has learned through sources that Microsoft intends to release new devices this fall to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Surface. The new 22H2 build of will likely come preinstalled on these Surface devices. Microsoft has not yet formally declared a release date for Windows 11’s 22H2 or given any indications of a future Surface event. Microsoft’s Ignite conference, which takes place in Seattle from October 12 to 14, marks the company’s return to live tech events in October.

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