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Why Even Vaccinated People Should be Careful on Rhode Islands?

Delta variant strain of Covid-19 is rapidly spreading and is being broadly reported in the news, and is a significant public health danger at over 83% of Covid-19 Cases being reported in the country. There has also been a great deal of unclear discussion sometimes and even inconsistent directions about what should be done, particularly for the vaccinated vs. for the unvaccinated individuals.

Every person wants life to ‘go back to normal’ at this time, but right now, there are several significant reasons why even vaccinated people of Rhode Islands should be careful.The first and foremost reason is that the Delta Variant is way more contagious and dangerous than the original virus.

It can cause more serious illness with even stronger symptoms. The risks accessible by the Delta variant are more severe than those faced earlier. It has changed the rules and how one must respond to them in order to stay safe.

The second reason is that the vaccines are effective but not a magical shield against the virus. Vaccines have been designed to reduce or prevent the illness and not to remove the chance of getting the infection completely. A vaccinated person can still get the virus but will have milder symptoms. Even when a person is vaccinated, he can still transmit the virus from one person to another.The situation of the pandemic is not entirely over yet. Rhode Islands is one of the 12 states with a ‘very high’ Covid-19 danger level. Therefore, people have been advised to stay safe.

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