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WhatsApp will Soon Let You Slip Out of Group Chats Undetected

Users will be able to leave lengthy group discussions on WhatsApp without letting anybody else know they’re leaving. As everyone in a WhatsApp group conversation is alerted when you leave, leaving the chat may now be an unpleasant experience. It may be aggravating in bigger gatherings as well.

However, soon only the admins will be notified when someone leaves the group, as opposed to everyone else. This month, the functionality will go out to all WhatsApp users. It is one of the steps the encrypted messaging service is doing to increase privacy. The company also launched a technology that would enable users to hide their internet activity from others.

Additionally, WhatsApp is testing a feature that prevents users from screenshotting “View Once” messages, which are communications that can only be accessed once after being opened. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, which owns, said on his Facebook page on Tuesday that the company will “keep creating innovative ways to safeguard your communications and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face chats.”

Ami Vora, head of product at WhatsApp, stated in a statement, “At, we’re committed on delivering product features that allow consumers to have greater control and privacy over their conversations. The new features are one way we’re keeping up with our promise to keep communications private. Over the years, we’ve introduced interlocking levels of security to help keep their chats safe. The modification is the latest in a slew of adjustments Meta has recently made to its platforms.

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