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WhatsApp Allowing Group Calls Soon

WhatsApp is progressing out on a new feature of joining calls which will let the users join the group calls after they have started, the Facebook-owned company announced on Monday.

The new feature means that the users will be able to join a call along with their friends and family when they are ready to discuss something, like a group Zoom or Google Meet call, which are the most needful at this time. Given the enormous popularity of WhatsApp, this could be a valuable feature for many people who connect over the messaging service.

One can get an idea of how the interface of the calling feature for hopping on to the calls works after searching for it. The development will enable the users to tap on a join button, and they will be directly connected on the group call. This feature is launching, keeping in mind the people’s lack of knowledge and inaccessibility towards Google Meets and Zoom calls.

This new call screen feature would allow users to easily see who is currently present on the call and who is invited but has not joined the call yet. Joinable calls will still be end-to-end encrypted.The new joinable calls feature will start to roll out on Monday.Despite being less than one year old, DJI keeps posting about its popular Mavic Air 2 drone and is planning to release the Mavic Air 2S soon.

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