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Virgin Galactic Opens-up Tickets for Space Travel

Reliable sources have recently revealed that the company owned by Richard Brandson, named Virgin Galactic, is reopening its tickets for sale for the SpaceShipTwo spaceplane, as announced by them on Thursday, during the release of second quarter of their earnings.

The space tourism company stated that the ticket price to space would be USD 450,000, which is an expected rise roughly from the USD 200,000 price point the firm had stated years ago before it closed the sales.

The tickets have been reopened majorly due to the successful flight of Richard Brandson in space in July to the edge of space abroad SpaceShip Two, which can carry four people for some 53 miles high, just for a few minutes of weightlessness. The mission is named as Unity 22, and is a key milestone test of the rocket plane before the company begins to fly the individual passengers in the late months of 2022.

Michael Colglazier, chief executive at Virgin Galactic stated that the reopening of the tickets is effective currently, starting with their Spacefarer community. He further added that with the rising interest of the customers following the Unity 22 flight, the company is looking forward to reopening the sales, which will be effective from today, beginning with the Spacefarer community. They further mentioned that as the company is aiming towards bringing the wonder of space to a large population of the globe, they are looking forward to opening a door for a completely new industry and customer experience.

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