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US CDC Approves Pfizer Covid Vaccine Booster Shots for People above 65

The US CDC and Prevention committee has approved the Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine third dose for the people above age of 65. The decision has contributed to the growing confusion about campaigns for third shots in the United States. The campaign for the booster dose was announced by President Joe Biden in mid-August but has lost momentum since then.

However, now the CDC has voted for the booster shots of Pfizer’s covid vaccine for people above 65 age and the population who are at greater risk due to underlying severe health conditions of covid-19. CDC has yet to given the final recommendations. However, according to reports the Pfizer’s booster dose may get a green signal.

The US FDA has authorized the third booster does of covid vaccine for the American public. Also, the vaccine has been authorized for the use of people who are undergoing severe health conditions due to covid. The booster dose is authorized for people who are under high risk of covid such as teacher, healthcare employees, health care workers, and prison inmates.

The approval for the dose underwent long hours debate. Many officials were against the decision and failed to come to consensus whether the booster does is necessary at this time. The opponents have raised the concerns of side effects arising from the shots such as myocarditis, heart inflammation, and other impact on the body.

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