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United States Postal Service Suspends Service in California

The United States Postal Service has suspended its service in California. They have decided to stop in Santa Monica due to the repeated attacks on mail carriers. The first incident took place on January 19 when one resident swung a broomstick at one delivery man.

CBS also reported that the attack did not injure the carrier. A few months later, the residents in the area were notified that the Postal Service is suspended at 1300 block and 14th street. New notice said that carriers are being attacked by people residing in the area. The police are working on to find the person.

CBS also said that only one assault has been reported and the victim in the incidents has declined to have the case prosecuted. There are no clear details on when the suspension will end. The Postal Service is still delivering packages in the area only paper mail delivery is suspended. All the residents are asked to pick up their packages directly at their post office.

Courtney Smith, a resident said that they are very disappointed. She feels a lot of compassion for the mail carriers. The Postal Service spokesperson said that there have been three different incidents involving three different letter carriers in the 1300 block of 14th street in Santa Monica over the previous several months. Due to these incidents service has been temporarily halted to homes in the area. The neighborhood police have found the suspect for the broomstick attack. The police and mail carrier know where the assailant lives.

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