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Unemployment Checks in Pandemic, Thousands Waiting

Since the coronavirus Pandemic began, NBC10 Boston has overheard from dozens of viewers that they have been struggling with Massachusetts’ Unemployment system. Some have told that they had to wait for weeks or months for their money to come through and payment delays are yet continuing, even as Massachusetts turns the edge on COVID-19.

 Michele Abramowitz of Somerville told the media that it was certainly a struggle because they had no money to pay for anything. They couldn’t even pay for usual groceries or gas. She further said that the unemployment checks on which she relied had stopped coming in March. She used to call every day for those five weeks and kept talking to people about Unemployment and other related issues and kept getting different answers where nothing was ever resolved.

Many viewers also told NBC10 Boston it was really frightening to deal with the state’s Department of Unemployment Assistance for over the past year, and many have reported to be waiting weeks or months to get on to their benefits.

 At least 28,000 workers in Massachusetts had to wait for over 10 weeks or more for their first unemployment check after getting put off during the Pandemic, as reported by the monthly reports which the state filed with the federal government. That has been more than two and a half months now.

 Rory MacAneney, an employment attorney at Community Legal Aid in Worcester, said that it definitely reflects what they have seen with the incoming cases. But some people are still getting denied even after those 10 weeks.

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