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U.S Navy Awards Center for Advanced Power Systems $31 million contracts for R&D

The U.S Navy has awarded FSU’s Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) with a $31 million contract for conducting R&D in electrical power systems of shipboard. The contract is aimed at lowering the risk in R&D cycles of advanced technologies for power and energy. The advancements in power and energy technologies will make the ships capable of future tasks.

CAPS researchers will collaborate with their partners at the University of Texas, Arlington, University of Alabama, University of South Carolina, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a part of the new contract. The teams will work together to incorporate advanced modeling and simulation techniques into U.S Navy.  They will work on advancing real-time simulation testing and evaluation system. The systems will be further merged into compatible controller hardware simulation methods.

The faculty from the systems engineering program at the FSU Panama City will also support the R&D activities of CAPS researchers. According to reports, the new contract is an expansion of the previous work funded by NAVSEA. As a result, U.S Navy has accredited CAPS as the first university test site to conduct research and development in the area of shipboard power technology.

CAPS is one of the primary centers worldwide for research and development in the field of power and energy systems. The CAPS teamed is working with the U.S Navy for the past several years providing quality work to the service. It supports the U.S Navy in advancing the technologies in ships as well as research and development in land power systems.

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