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Twitter Tests Warning about Intense Conversations

Twitter is testing a new feature that warns users before they wade into a fight.  According to a tweet Wednesday from Twitter Support, depending on the topic or tenor of the thread, a prompt might announce ‘conversations like this can be intense.The feature may also offer tips on keeping posts respectful and factual. It is tested for both iOS and Android but there’s no indication when the feature will be launched officially.

Twitter support asked the people whether they want to know the vibe of a conversation before they join in. The company is testing on Android and iOS that give you a heads up if the conversation that you are about to enter could get heated or intense. In a sample tweet, a user remarked that not all college athletes will get rich just because they’re allowed to sign endorsement deals.

A pop up then shows users to ‘Look out for each other and reminds them facts are important and that diverse perspectives are important. This can help to strengthen their own. Twitter indicated the feature is a work in progress as we learn how to better support healthy conversation.

The tweet also said that the examples of signals we may consider include the tweet topic and the relationship between the Tweet author and replier. The learnings garnered throughout this experiment will help the company determine to the next steps.

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