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Twitter Starts Testing new CoTweets Feature

This week, users of the social network on Twitter began testing a new CoTweets function. Through the CoTweets functionality, two accounts may co-write a tweet and tag each other in the same tweet. This new function, which began testing earlier this year, is now live for certain users for a short period of time, according to confirmation to The Verge.

Twitter spokesperson Joseph J. Nuez tells The Verge that the company is “continually exploring new methods for users to interact on.” For a short period of time, we’re testing CoTweets to see how users and companies may utilise it to expand their reach, engage with new audiences, and fortify their relationships with other accounts. The business confirmed the tool is accessible for a limited number of users in the US, Canada, and Korea in a tweet from the Twitter Create account.

The CoTweets feature, which a number of Twitter users have been testing, enables the main tweet author to ask a second person to be tagged in the tweet and debate its contents through Direct Message. The co-authored tweet requires approval from the second account; the final tweet indicates that it was co-authored by two users, but comments seem to be addressed exclusively to the primary author of the tweet. As embed capability hasn’t been updated to allow CoTweets, you might need to go directly to the tweets listed below.

It makes sense to think that influencers and companies will employ a co-author tool on Twitter quickly given that Instagram has offered a similar one on its platform since last year. I’m eager to see how Wendy’s, the burger chain that consistently creates buzz online, will utilise CoTweets to skewer its upcoming victim.

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