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Twitter Shuts Down Users to Access the Chronological Timeline

Twitter changed its timeline that showed suggested tweets instead of the Chronological timeline. Twitter created an option always to see recent tweets by default, but this is no longer the case. Twitter’s new update no longer lets users access the Chronological timeline by default.

The company is rolling out the update to Twitter users on iOS and will soon be available on Android and the web. The company explained on its @TwitterSupport profile, users will now have two tabs at the top of the app to switch between Home and Latest Tweets.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the change, although they said the social network might change this again in the future. While tweets are still displayed in Chronological order, you can’t access them by default as the Home tab will always appear first. Upon seeing this change, Twitter users immediately expressed their dissatisfaction, arguing that they would like the default option to see Recent Tweets back and that the update made the social network confusing.

Twitter is investigating other changes to the timeline in the future. The company also added that giving people a choice and control over their Twitter experience is super important. Two Twitter executives noted in replies contributing editor Casey Newton that they would be working on the problem, and it appears that the original change won’t be going through as planned. Under the account’s name and username, a small bot icon appears next to the words “Automated by” after the operator’s name. Twitter accounts claiming to be bots will display this information on their Twitter profile.

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