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TikTok Tops Google as the Most Visited Website on the Internet

TikTok has surpassed Facebook and Google as the most popular destinations on the internet. In an analysis of web traffic this year, storage software company Cloudflare found that was the most visited website and most widely used social media platform.

Cloudflare’s ranking is based on how much web traffic a site generated in 2021. ByteDance launched in 2016. TikTok got some attention a year later when it bought rival app Its popularity began surging in the U.S. in 2020 with notable videos, including one that showed Idaho resident Nathan Apodaca skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice while listening to Fleetwood Mac.

Cardita and Tomé said Google took over as the top website a few times in October and November, but TikTok dominated on most days  including on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.Meta Platform’s Facebook remains by far the most widely used social network, with 2.9 billion monthly active users as of September and 1.9 billion daily users.

More than 1 billion users sign on to scroll TikTok monthly, many of them children and teenagers. The platform has also quickly become integral in advancing the careers of some of today’s most visible entertainers, including Lil Nas X.A Tennessee school district blamed for a rash of vandalism incidents in classrooms, bathrooms and hallways. Some children also have suffered serious injuries and even died after taking on “challenges” they saw on TikTok.  A representative did not respond to a request for comment

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