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Theranos Patient Data Case, Latest Hearing of Holmes

The mystery of missing test results of the Theranos patient, which allegedly showed a high rate of failure, had been the primary focus of Elizabeth Holmes, the company’s CEO. Homes went through a pre-trial hearing on Wednesday.

According to trusted sources, Holmes is pregnant and is expected to give birth to her child this month. Due to her physical limitations, she attended the pre-trial meeting on Zoom, the virtual business platform for meetings and conferences.

The Prosecutors state that the executives in the company destroyed the entire Laboratory Information System database (LIS) and then shared the useless copy with the investigators on this case after a grand jury issued the subpoena in the year 2018. The data contains elaborate details, which is worth the data accumulated over the years, which will charge the company’s accuracy and failure rates of the tests. The prosecutors say that the rate of failure was around 51.3%.

During the court filing, the prosecutors state that CEO Holmes must have likely benefitted from this data loss. The prosecutors further say that the available information regarding the case strongly suggests that if the LIS was still in existence, the content in it was likely to bolster the government’s allegations. John Bostic, the assistant attorney of the US, stated on Wednesday that employees of the company were aware of the consequences of shutting down the database before doing so.However, the employees still carried out the job of shutting it down. The selection of the jury in this fraud is likely to start on 31st August 2021.

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