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The New Version of Safari will be Colorful

The new version of Apple’s in-house browser, Safari, has received a new update along with iOS version 15.2 this Monday. The browser 15.2 is the new and improved color format it brings to images displayed in the browser. As MacWorld first reported, up until this point, only the sRGB color space was supported to appear in the Safari browser—which has been in use since the initial introduction of the Safari web browser to Mac in 2013.

Although sRGB is highly optimized for web usage and contains a huge portion of the total color space, there are other color spaces out there that are even bigger—such as AdobeRGB and DCI-P3. Safari 15.2 brings just this color space—P3—to iPhone, iPad, and Mac-native browser displays to present brighter and more vivid images to users than were possible before.

Web developers who wish to offer a more visually engaging experience to users will be able to upload images in the P3 color space without having to convert or downgrade the full experience they’ve captured or created.Safari will increase the system memory allowed to the browser to 4GB. This will be a significant improvement to users’ engagement with highly complex web pages which function almost like programs and can hog an unearthly amount of memory, risking a device crash or freezing other processes.

Safari 15.2 for iPhone comes bundled together with Apple’s iOS 15.2, just as for Mac computers, the browser update comes in the package containing the latest macOS Monterey 12.1 version. Users of the older MacOS versions Catalina or Big Sur will have15.2 available as independent downloads that can be downloaded apart from the main OS.

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