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The Crab Nebula is Exceptionally Powerful Reveals Study

Scientists say that one of the most iconic items in the universe is even brighter and even more active than previously thought, which is rearranging the standards for how the astronomers measure the sources of ultra-high energy gamma rays like the pulsars and the neutron stars.

The Crab Nebula was designed from the supernova blast of a massive star in 1054 AD, creating one of the most remarkable ongoing displays of planetary fireworks.The Crab Nebula is so steadily bright that it is considered the “standard candle” for studying ultra-high energy sources. In effect, a “crab” is a unit of measurement well-defined as the strength of the Crab Nebula at the X-ray wavelength.

Actual measurements from China’s Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory, or LHAASO, specify that the nebula can shine much brighter. The laboratory located high in the Himalayan foothills has discovered a photon unit of energy from the nebula, which measures one quadrillion electron volts. It is a level so high that it points to the survival of a natural particle accelerator near the middle of the Crab Nebula that is about 1/10th of the size of the entire solar system.

A system like such would strengthen the electrons up to the levels, which will be 20,000 times stronger than the accelerators constructed on Earth at places like CERN could have achieved.A research paper by the LHAASO Collaboration, led by Zhen Cao at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was published in the latest journal issue named Science.

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