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Sun Throws Out the Largest Solar Flash since 2017

NASA scientists said that the Sun has fired off its most enormous solar flash, just ahead of the Fourth of July holiday last week.Undoubtedly, NASA scientists didn’t want to be defeated by a weekend of fireworks coming onto the Earth.

The moment was captured in the form of several wavelengths by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It was classified as an outbreak of X-class, which is the most powerful type of solar flare.It was instantly compared to the last major eruption of this sort, a gigantic X8.2 event, and was captured i2017.Although this recent flare of X1.5 was not as large, it has still left its mark.

According to the United States Space Weather Prediction Center, the flare has resulted in a blast of the X-rays that had hit into the atmosphere while causing a radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal regions surrounding the area.The NOAA Space Weather (@NWSSWPC) tweeted on Saturday, July 03, 2021, at 10:38 pm PT saying that New Region 2838 has produced an impulsive X1 flare (R3 – Strong Radio Blackout) at 14:29 UTC on July 03.

This tweet contained an image of the captured wavelengths to save the moment as a summary of the events.The Sun released a substantial solar flare peaking at 10:29 am EDT on July 03, 2021. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which observes the Sun activity continuously, had captured the event with several photographs.

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