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Subway Giving away a Million Free Sandwiches

Subway will give away over one (1) million free sub sandwiches on Monday, July 13, 2021, to celebrate a significant refurbishment of the menu.The sandwich chain will close over 10,000 restaurants in the United States, around half of its locations, at 6 pm on Monday to prepare the menu renovation the next day.Subway is overhauling the menu and various new ingredients and sandwiches with many different flavors and options to choose from.

The initiative is a step forward in providing the best services to the customers and not letting their hopes down.Half of the restaurants will close early the night before the free distribution of sandwiches to prepare the new menu and arrange the required ingredients, respectively.

The sandwich chain calls the menu changes “Eat Fresh Refresh,” which plays on Subway slogan. According to a press release, over 20 menu changes will come to all US restaurants and developments in almost every core menu item.Two new bread options, “Artisan Italian” and “Hearty Multigrain,” have been in the pipeline for two years. The chain is also adding up deli-style sliced ham and turkey, crushed avocado, fresh mozzarella cheese and a parmesan dressing.

Overall, there will be eleven (11) new ingredients, six new sandwiches, and four different sandwiches, along with a unique digital-ordering experience.Subway was one of those restaurants that felt the effects of the pandemic. It closed more outlets than any other large US chain in 2020, ending up with 1,557 fewer stores and a loss of 6.6%.

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