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‘Stray’ has Captured the Attention of Real-Life Cats

Cats, which are reputedly the least interested creatures on the planet, are now playing video games. You may play as a cat in a dystopian environment in “Stray,” a new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive Publishing. It turns out that since it seems so natural, housecats have been observed gazing at it and imitating it for extended periods of time.

Existing in the game as a cat rewards players. All the things that make cats, well, cats, are possible. Gamers have the ability to clean themselves, go outdoors, meow, scratch furniture, knock items off tables, and eat. “Stray” gamers have begun uploading pictures of their own cats on social media while they play the game, imitating the cats’ expressions, and looking at screens. Even a Cats Watching Stray Twitter account has been created, where players submit videos of their cats responding to the game. One lady said, “My cat won’t let me play this game,” alongside a video of her cat obscuring the screen.

Residents of an apartment building in south-east Kolkata with about 80 flats spread across four buildings filed a complaint with the NGT’s eastern bench, stating that the building’s second-floor tenant keeps dozens of cats there and feeds a few others nearby.

Every day, the owner feeds 40 to 45 cats. She feeds an additional 15 to 20 Stray cats in the hallway while 20 to 25 cats live in her apartment. They leave trash all over the place, and the stench of animal waste, scat, and urine is particularly unpleasant. As their hair and dander float in the air and might potentially cause illnesses, this is polluting the air, according to one apartment tenant who wished to remain anonymous.

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