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Sony Tests PS5 Captures to Automatically Pop Up on Phone

Sony announced on Monday that it is testing a way to share screenshots and video captures taken on your PS5 with the PlayStation app. The new feature is part of a “limited-release beta” available to all PS5 users in Canada and Japan. The clips resolution is up to 1920×1080 appear in the app.

Once the users have this feature enabled, new captures should start to show up in the app. Sony said that the video clips and screenshots of games are available in the app for 14 days after users manually create them on your PS5 console. To access this feature users won’t need a PlayStation Plus membership to use the feature.  The clips can only have a resolution of up to 1920×1080 to appear in the app. Sony says clips in a higher resolution won’t be uploaded. If you delete a screenshot or video from your console, users can still access the image or video on the PlayStation app.

Sony will have “a limited amount of PS5 consoles available for customers in the US to purchase directly from PlayStation” next month. Though signing up at Direct secures neither you a PS5 nor even a definite chance to buy one, it’s a lifeline for players who’ve been desperately trying to secure Sony next-gen system but have yet to do so.

If you are lucky and get a chance to buy a PS5 console or its digital-only counterpart, two wireless controllers if they’re cosmic red or midnight black, or three white DualSense controllers. You can also pick up a media remote and Pulse 3D wireless headset while stocks last, too.

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