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Solving a Murder Case Using Physics

In the year 2009, famous Music Producer Phil Spector was found guilty of the Murder of the actress Lana Clarkson. She was found lifeless from a single gunshot on her mouth at a close range in the Spector’s California Mansion.During many trials of the court, Distinguished Professor Alexander Yarin at the UIC was fascinated by the scientific questions that were raised in the trials.

Yarin and his colleagues from Iowa State University started to research the blood spatter and the stains of blood that were found at the crime scene.The scientists discovered that the gases released from the gun’s beak break the outflow in a series of raging vortex rings which causes a phenomenon called ‘blood back spatter’ – the blood that travels back towards the shooter to inverse the direction away from the shooter.

In addition to this, they planned to continue the investigation as they came across examining a variety of interesting conditions and state of affairs.The researchers did the simulations with the help of a PhD student, Gen Li, and found out that there are situations where the droplets of blood can be turned around completely and can continue to remain behind the victim.

The experiments of Dr. Michael confirmed that hypothetical prediction.Yarin said that there is a lot of interesting facts in the phenomena which are associated with these kinds of wounds.At present, they are studying them better because there might be quite a few waves of flows of blood and brain matter from such injuries.

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