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Skippy Voluntarily recalls 161,692 Pounds of Peanut Butter

An American brand of peanut butter spread manufacturer recalls thousands of pounds of peanut butter because they feel that the stainless steel fragments can contaminate the product. The pieces are from the manufacturing equipment.

The peanut butter manufacturer said it voluntarily recalls more than nine thousand cases of reduced-fat peanut butter. That costs 161,692 pounds of the brown-bag lunch staple. Skippy asked the customers to return the product to the retailer or for any queries to contact the company.

The company also said that Keeping its commitment to quality, Skippy Foods, LLC, recalls these products to ensure that consumers are aware of the issue. The internal detection systems in the manufacturing facility have identified the issue. The affected products were shipped to 18 states.  The news press release added that there were no complaints from the customers at the time of the recall. The company also apologies to the customers for the inconvenience.

Oatly recalled an oat drink after it was reported for quality issues. The company received 29 complaints, and two reported stomach illnesses.  The Bacillus cereus in the drink led to the recall of Oatly 1 liter with a date before Dec. 1, 2022, and lot code 1335T4. The oat drink is manufactured in Sweden and sold in Finland. Customers were advised not to consume the contaminated batch because Bacillus cereus is usually found in uncooked or unwarm foods. Before consuming them, it is always necessary to heat products to kill all bacteria.

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