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Scientists Concerned About Environmental Effects of Space Travel

Scientists are worried that the growing numbers of recent flights of rockets and increasing investments in space tourism could damage the atmosphere of the Earth and trigger climate change.

When famous billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos flew into space during this month on-board of their companies’ sub-orbital tourism vehicles, much of the world clapped in surprise and respect.But for some of the Scientists, these milestones signified something other than just a technical achievement.

The achievement came after many years of delays. Yet, despite the significant setbacks, the flights have marked the possible beginning of a long-awaited age that might see rockets flying through rather than flying superficially over the atmospheric layers.In the case of Space ShipTwo, the vehicle worked by Branson’s Virgin Galactic, these flights are powered by a hybrid engine that burns out rubber and leaves a mist of dust behind.

An associate professor of aerospace engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, named Filippo Maggi, said that Hybrid power engines could use different sorts of fuels. Still, they always produce a lot of dirt. Maggi also researched rocket propulsion technologies and was a part of the team that had published a widespread analysis of engine releases from the hybrid rocket. Maggi said that these engines work like a candle, and their burning process creates situations that are favorable for the generation of soot.

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