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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Is the Best Android Phone for Most People

Phones in a flagship lineup have come to feel like variations on a theme. There’s the base model, the bigger base model, and then the biggest model with an extra camera and some other minor hardware upgrades. Features, screen size and cost all increase in increments as you go up the chain, but you’re more or less getting the same phone in three different flavors.

Samsung’s phones for the past few years, but it’s not the case anymore — the $1,199 Galaxy S22 Ultra sits at the top of this year’s lineup as an entirely different option. The first S series phone to include a built-in stylus, a feature it’s inheriting from the evidently now-retired Galaxy Note series.

It still offers a very good 10x optical zoom, as well as some appealing updates to its photography features. It happens to be a great phone but despite its place in Samsung’s mainstream S series, it still feels like the enthusiast device that the Note series represented.Samsung’s has, at least, made the job of deciding which of this trio of phones is for you very easy. If you miss the Note and you love the stylus life, get the S22 Ultra.

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