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Ro’s New Virtual Service Targets Anxiety Treatment

The digital healthcare software service provider Ro has announced the launch of its new virtual mental health services. The new services are added to the expanding platform of Ro, consisting of telemedicine, pharmacy supply or distribution, and in-home care network.The new mental health service called Ro Mind was launched on Tuesday, July 27. The platform will be initially focusing on specific mental health conditions.

Generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD) will be one of them also accompanied with major depressive disorder (MDD), according to the company executives’ statement. One in every five American adults suffers from a mental health condition. Despite the increasing prevalence, many individuals in the United States do not undergo any mental care program.

This is primarily due to stigmatization associated with mental health, provider shortages, lack of awareness of education of mental health. Besides the healthcare complexities, mental healthcare is often observed to be expensive as it does not fall under insurance coverage.Ro enables an improved mental health care service as the providers will be able to diagnose and prescribe treatments that are FDA-approved. These treatments will target Anxiety, and depression all the while assisting patients with treatment management and tracking the progress.

Ro platform will also serve patients already undergoing treatments targeting obesity, Erectile dysfunction, and acne, conditions that can cause Anxiety and depression.Ro had started its maiden journey by selling erectile dysfunction medications and hair loss supplements only for men. Now, the company has emerged as a large telehealth establishment with three digital health clinics.

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