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Roku Announces Upgraded Roku Express

Roku is largely leaving its device range alone for the autumn. Roku Express has been improved, and the firm is now offering it with dual-band Wi-Fi for improved, dependable streaming performance. The device, which is still $29.99, is already up for preorder and will hit shops on October 16. Since the Express is Roku’s entry-level streaming device, it only supports 1080p content; to watch 4K or Ultra HD material, you must upgrade to the Roku Express 4K Plus, which comes with dual-band connectivity.

Roku is introducing the $129.99 Roku Wireless Bass, a reasonably priced subwoofer. Comparing that to the Roku Wireless Subwoofer, you save $50. Additionally, because everything is contained within the ecosystem of the organisation, setup is simple and quick. Roku claims that the Wireless Bass has a smaller physical factor than the bulkier Wireless Subwoofer, it still produces “rumbling lows” and “deep depth” with the added convenience of being wireless. It will be accessible later this fall, with Roku, Amazon, and Best Buy beginning to ship orders on November 7th.

Any Bluetooth earbuds or headphones can be paired with these gadgets so that you can listen to material in private without disturbing others. Although private listening is presently accessible via the mobile app and Roku’s premium remotes, it would be good to see it made available to streamers themselves.

Additionally, Roku is enhancing its live TV guide with categories for more convenient branding, reworking search results to be more visually appealing, and improving voice search. Additionally, the channel store is being renamed “The Roku Store,” which is another indication that the business is exerting more control over its enormously popular platform.

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