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Retro Inspired Z FC Launched by Nikon

The Z FC is a DX-format (crop sensor) camera from Nikon that blends the newest mirrorless technology with a classic design and manual capabilities. The company says that the new camera is small and light, making it a great “everyday” system. Nikon’s new mirrorless system has a heritage-inspired design that should appeal to people who yearn for vintage analog controls that are still usable today.

According to the manufacturer, the Z FC is a thoroughly modern digital camera that will be fun to use for everything from street photography to self-portraits, vlogging, and even 4K UHD video production. Nikon has also introduced two new “stylized” lenses to go along with the new camera body, complementing the compact design and look of the camera.

Jay Vannatter, Nikon’s Executive Vice President, said, “The Z FC is the kind of camera many have been waiting for, and that only Nikon could create. It’s exceptionally slim, yet offers superb image quality and features, with iconic styling and precise tactile controls. It’s a joy to carry and use for casual street photography, streaming, or just living in the here and now. It’s no coincidence that we are also announcing a variety of compact lenses alongside the camera to perfectly complement the iconic aesthetic.”

Nikon describes the Z FC as a distinctly styled camera with the performance to keep up with the times while providing a reminder to savor the moment. The Z FC offers photographers analog tactile dials with pleasant clicks for fine control in a small and compact body, with an iconic style inspired by the Nikon FM2 Film SLR. The body comprises magnesium alloy and is covered in a leather-tone material that Nikon claims would give the camera a luxury feel.

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