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Razer’s Zephyr Pro Mask has the Voice Amp Feature

Razer plans to upsell you on its Zephyr Pro mask that has been announced at CES 2022. While it looks virtually identical to the Zephyr, it has two speaker grilles that flank its bottom, replaceable filter.

One of the Chroma RGB-lined intakes features a new button that can turn voice amplification on or off. Razer says that the feature can pipe out your voice at 60 decibels at a range of one meter.The Zephyr Pro will cost $149.99 when it releases sometime in 2022, compared to the $99.99 starting price for the standard Zephyr mask.

You can purchase a starter pack that includes the Zephyr Pro and 99 days’ worth of N95-grade filters for $199.99.The voice amp was a feature that initially intended to include in the Zephyr mask at CES 2021 when it was referred to as Project Hazel.

Once it jumped from concept to an actual product, though, Razer removed it due to weight and battery concerns. Razer says that the Zephyr Pro may have a similar weight and battery life to the regular Zephyr.Razer says that it’s aiming for the same five- to six-hour battery life target of the original with fans on, but only if you get in the habit of turning on the voice amp feature when you’re conversing, then shut it off when you’re done talking.

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