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Public Health Workers,Threatened and Harassed

Airline staff and retail workers are not the only ones who are facing Public rage for trying to do their jobs and help people as the coronavirus has completely crashed the United States.Nearly a quarter of the Public health workers have reported that they are feeling bullied, harassed, or threatened due to their job as the pandemic was unfolding, along with 1 out of 8 workers saying that they had received job-related threats from the Public.

This has been reported according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).The agency has found out that almost 3/4th out of 26,000+ health care workers were surveyed during a period of three weeks in the late March and early April of the year 2020, and they felt overwhelmed by their work.

More than half of them reported having symptoms of mental health conditions, including depression among nearly 1/3rd of the total Public health workers. The troubling symptoms were more severe among those workers who had spent most of their time along with Covid-19 patients. Of those who had spent 3/4th of their work-life in responding to the cases related to the pandemic, nearly half of them were reported to be the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Temporarily, those who are unable to take their time off from work when they needed were almost twice as likely to have experienced the symptoms of the contrary, mental health than those who were able to take breaks in between, according to the conclusion.

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