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Pfizer getting Vaccine Orders From All States in Bulk

According to Florida health officials, around 90,000 child-size doses of the Pfizer vaccine were preordered. That’s enough to properly vaccinate 3% of Florida’s 1.7 million children aged 5 to 11 years old. Another Republican-led state, Texas, ordered 1 million shots in advance, enough to fully vaccinate nearly 17% of the state’s youngsters in the same age range. California ordered 860,000 pills in advance, enough to vaccinate 13 percent of the state’s children.

The amount of vaccines ordered by states through the federal government’s distribution clearinghouse is not made public. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s preorder was compared to what eight other states have bought. Florida, the third-most populous state, has the lowest order of the nine states. The Florida order is less than the 231,000 dosages that are purportedly on their way to New York City. These estimates do not include all of the vaccination that is accessible in certain states.

These are just the initial shipments. Pfizer will send out more pediatric doses of the vaccine. Some private providers, such as significant pharmacies, place direct orders with the federal government for doses. That means corporations like CVS and Publix in Florida don’t have to rely on the state’s 90,000 dosages for their supply. Large pharmacies would not be affected by supply concerns resulting from a state’s request for a certain quantity of dosages, but pediatricians.

According to BayCare Pediatric Service Line Medical Director Dr. Christina Canody, there does not appear to be a scarcity of child-sized doses in the Tampa Bay area. The size of a state’s order indicates how the vaccination will be distributed in that state. For in-person schooling, California announced last month that students must be vaccinated. According to the governor’s office, the state would administer doses through more than 4,000 state immunization venues, including 3,100 school clinics.

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