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Peloton Unveils Smart Camera to Guide Strength Training

As Peloton struggles with finding new avenues for growth, the company announced that it’s adding a strength training product, known as the Peloton Guide, to its lineup of connected exercise devices.

The peloton will sell the Guide in a bundle with its heart rate armband for $495 in the United States and Canada. It will go on the market in the U.K., Australia and Germany later in 2022. The Guide consists of a camera that plugs into a TV screen and tracks users’ movements via machine learning technology. Members who pay an additional $12.99 per month can take live and on-demand classes that target different muscle groups through weight lifting, lunges and other strength-building exercises.

The Guide, which is also voice-activated, will recommend classes based on what muscles a member previously worked. The Guide is a no-frills product compared with rivals like Lululemon-owned Mirror and Amazon-backed Tonal, which retail for $1,495 and $2,995, respectively. Tonal is an entirely wall-mounted device that includes magnetic-powered weights for strength exercises.

Peloton device doesn’t come with weights or other accessories. Users must buy those separately. The company did say it will be making upgrades to the Guide over time, which could include connecting other pieces of equipment. shares were down about 3% by midday trading. The announcement comes a few days after Peloton slashed its fiscal 2022 revenue forecast by up to $1 billion.

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