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Overwatch Contenders teams ‘go on strike’ Mid-Broadcast

Players competing in the local Overwatch Contenders tournament are staging a type of walkout against Blizzard. Participants in the European Overwatch Contenders Summer Series competition declined to compete after a match was abruptly halted by a rule of play. Blizzard held an Overwatch Contenders event to pass the time during the Overwatch League’s off-week as teams recovered from the beautiful chaos of the Midseason Madness tournament the previous week.

The Overwatch Contenders Summer Series is a double-elimination competition with a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket, just as Midseason Madness. According to a number of the players who participated and the tournament’s rules website, the European winner’s bracket final between 01 Esports and Munich Esports today was listed as a best of seven. The winner would advance to the grand final, and the loser would face the winner of the loser’s bracket final.

Other than the grand finals, best-of-seven matchups are uncommon in the Overwatch League proper. Knowing this, a Munich Esports player contacted a Blizzard tournament administrator to inquire if the match was, in fact, a best-of-seven affair. The player obtained confirmation and assurance that the winner’s finals match was, in fact, a best-of-seven affair.

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