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Over 900 Cases Being Reported Daily in South Carolina

The Department for Health and Environmental Control has reported 474 new confirmed cases and 455 new probable cases of the Covid-19 virus. Those numbers are precise as of July 20, 2021.

The difference between the confirmed and the probable cases has been classified based on the type of test. Probable cases are being treated as confirmed cases by the doctors, according to DHEC.DHEC has also reported seven new deaths, as confirmed on Thursday.The agency has stopped sharing the age range of people who have died from Covid-19 complications. But all the deaths have happened within the past week ending July 18.

While the newly discovered cases of Covid-19 were on a decline in South Carolina in June. Recently the cases are rising further. The number of positive Covid-19 cases remains lower as compared to the surge that occurred over the winter, but the case counts are still climbing. They are hitting levels that haven’t been seen in South Carolina since before the vaccine was made readily available for the citizens.

DHEC leaders have frequently said that the vast majority of the hospitalized patients and those dying from Covid-19 complications are unvaccinated.Other factors which are contributing to the rise in the case count include the presence of the Delta Variant in South Carolina. Health officials are urging all the residents to get vaccinated against the virus as soon as they can.

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