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Oregon Health Authorities Reported 1116 Covid 19 Cases

Oregon Health Authorities logged 1,116 coronavirus cases Thursday and 24 deaths connected to COVID-19. More than 80% of Oregon adults have now received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, which shows a slightly higher rate than the 77% in Oregon’s own data.

Oregon Health Authorities are one of only 20 states to hit that threshold. Just five states have exceeded 90% adults vaccinated — Hawaii, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Vermont. No state so far has reached 80% of the entire population vaccinated, though Massachusetts, at 79.9%, is close. Oregon, with 68.2% of all residents having received at least one shot, ranks 19th in the federal data.

Oregon Health Authorities vaccination rates will rise if the federal government approves shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children five to 11. Food and Drug Administration panel approved shots for those ages this week, opening the door to a handful of other hoops before the shots can be administered.

The Oregon Health Authorities  said Thursday that about 72% of the coronavirus cases in the week ending Oct. 23 were among people who were unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated.518 people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 are hospitalized, down 36 from Wednesday. That includes 123 people in intensive care, down three from Wednesday. The health authorities 3,116 people have been reported newly vaccinated since Wednesday.

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