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OM Digital Unveils OM-1 Camera with a New Sensor and Quad Pixel AF

OM Digital Solutions has announced the OM System OM-1 camera, the last that will feature the Olympus logo. The camera features a new 20-megapixel backside-illuminated stacked sensor, 120 frames per second shooting, improved autofocus, a top-tier durable build, and robust video capabilities.

OM Digital Solutions says that the combination of the “OM-System” branding and the retention of the Olympus logo exists to pay homage to the history of the camera system and mix in the need for the company to move on to something new.

While Olympus still plays a prominent role in this camera’s branding, it will be the final camera produced by OM Digital Solutions to bear that name. The OM-1 camera is built on five central pillars: image quality, computational photography, unparalleled speed, top-tier build quality, and full video capabilities.

OM Digital recognizes that the Micro Four Thirds format is often perceived to have limitations regarding image quality, and the company says it wants to challenge those perceptions. The company says that dynamic range has been improved thanks to the latest image processing technology to deliver a richer range of tones than the format has seen from shadows to highlights OM Digital also implemented a new Handheld Assist feature that it says makes it easy to capture slow shutter speed effects that previously required a tripod.

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