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Okta CEO asks Employees to Email their Vacation Plans

As stated by Todd McKinnon, the CEO and co-founder of Okta, a rapidly growing software company in San Francisco, which employs 3,500 people and who closed an acquisition worth USD 6.5 billion, has a lot of things to be concerned about. One of those things is the employee burnout, which is happening right now.

As per the company policy, the employees are allowed with unlimited vacation time. But the CEO understands that it is not easy for the employees to plan a vacation without feeling guilty and concerned about the product updates and the deliverables for a few days of vacation time. This is the case especially in the Bay Area where the people are working for 16 hours per days and even on weekends as it is a status quo in the region.

So, in a meeting recently held by the employees with the CEO, he stated that the employees about his plan of taking a family vacation in Napa, which will help in releasing the stress and pressure and told them the importance of logging off and taking a break. He further asked his employees to Email him about their vacation plans with their upcoming arrangements and as much as they wish to tell him.

McKinnon further added that he received a lot of Email. He received about a 950 Email about the vacations from the employees and he managed to read around 300 of them, he added. The pandemic has given rise to the stress among the employees during the work from home arrangement.

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