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Nintendo is Shutting Down Dr. Mario World on Mobile

Nintendo has announced that it will shut down the Dr. Mario World mobile game service on November 1, 2021.In a message posted on Nintendo official website, Nintedo has expressed its gratitude to the players for their constant support since the service started on July 10, 2019. Further, the message mentioned how the sales of the game service would no longer be available for purchase from July 29, 2021.

The players who have already purchased the game service can have access to it. After November 1, the game will ultimately end.When the game service comes to an end, it simply means that the players will no longer play it. As an alternative, they will receive a notification regarding the shutdown of the gaming service when the players start up the game again on their smartphones.

Nintendo is also planning up on a web page titled “Dr. Mario World Memories,” allowing the players to look back at their player history after the service comes to an end.To enable the provision of the Dr. Mario World Memories Service, a portion of the player’s history will be saved on the server to be referenced in the Dr. Mario World Memories webpage.

If the players would like to delete the player history, they will have to go to Delete Saved Data in the app, and then they can delete their data accordingly.

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