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New Study Says Air Pollution Could Elevate COVID-19 Vulnerability

The latest study carried out by Desert Research Institute; Nevada stated that there are possibilities that there could be a connection between increased levels of air Pollution and vulnerability to COVID-19.In summer 2020, far away in Reno, there was a surge in Coronavirus spread when thick, heavy wildfire smoke covered the city for days.

The released study by Desert Research Institute discovered COVID-19 cases elevated 18 percent when hazardous particles from wildfires known as PM 2.5 were spread in the air. Assistant study scientist at Desert Research Institute, Daniel Kiser said that when PM 2.5 went high, the surge in COVID-19 cases was observed. A co-author of the study, Kiser highlighted that the discoveries show a connection and not a real root.

Kiser said that they just discovered in the association that there is a number of reasons to believe the relationship between these two may not be serious. The research offers a caution for the Nevada region as wildfire smoke starts to come across Puget Sound.Dr. Cora Sack, a scientist, working on the research, said that she has a plan to deal with this.

Physician at UW Medicine, Dr. Sacks said that getting proper knowledge of a place where one can get safe air quality is vital for stopping the further spread.He also added that is equally vital to know what is to be done to prepare your own house against the virus and to stop Pollution in the house vicinity.  Kiser expects his study will provide help in encouraging people to get vaccinated and wear masks properly to decrease their exposure to both wildfire Pollution and COVID-19.

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