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New Facebook Messenger Feature Allows you to Split Bill with Friends

Meta has announced that a new feature called Split Payments will be coming to Facebook Messenger. It ties in with Facebook Messenger’s existing person-to-person payment feature, letting friends divide a bill with a straightforward UI showing who has paid up and who is yet to send money through.

Bills can be created evenly or with outstanding fees for each group valuable member for charging less to the guy that rents the small room, or making the gluton who ordered the lobster pays their fair share and the person setting up the request is free to include themselves in the sum or not.

The company describes this as a feature being tested rather than something that’s completely ready for launch, and as such, it’s starting with a US-only release. The timing means that Christmas parties should be a bit easier to organize.

Split Payments for Facebook Messenger may be a little lightweight than the best budgeting apps. It is an easy way to track what you’re owed built into an app that people are already comfortable with. It will make chasing personal debts that bit easier, without letting resentments over missed payments fester into something more ugly.

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