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NASA Approves New Studies to Solve Venus Mysteries

The Earth and Venus have been called twins, but Earth grew up into a life-friendly world with water while, on the other hand, Venus became a blaze of a planet with sulfuric acid clouds. EnVision will provide an all-inclusive view of the planet from its internal core to upper atmosphere to determine how and why have Venus and Earth changed so differently and drastically.

NASA has announced two new Venus missions. The European Space Agency is bounding the Venus on board the train by approving its own mission, called EnVision.ESA is not doing it all alone. NASA will be a collaborator and will provide a detecting instrument called Vensar to make high-resolution and high dimensional measurements of the planet’s surface. EnVision will also display the atmospheric gases, examine the surface configuration and look for signs of active volcanoes.

Venus’ atmosphere is a predominantly interesting study target after a 2020 paper suggested the gas phosphine, which sometimes has an organic origin and it may be present in the planet’s clouds. Another spacecraft, BepiColombo, which comes on the way to Mercury, even stopped by to take some dimensions and measurements in the late 2020s.

Researchers are currently speculating if Venus once was habitable or might even host some form of bacterial life right now.NASA own Veritas and Davinci+ missions are aiming for a 2028 to 2030 launch, while, on the other hand, ESA is looking at the early 2030s for departure for the EnVision. The next step in expansion is to confirm the designs of the spacecraft and its scientific instruments too.

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