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Movano Targets an H2 2022 Launch for its Fitness Ring

The Movano Ring will be making its debut at CES 2022 as the first product from health tech company, with its Monday announcement touting its plan to be one of the most affordable health devices. The Movano Ring has the $300 Oura Ring in mind with this claim, noting that its ring will be packed with fitness sensors tracking activity, sleep, heart rate, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen, and other metrics.

Movano aspires for the ring also to monitor glucose and blood pressure and is conducting clinical trials of its radio frequency technology that would help collect that medical data. The company did not reveal the pricing details for its ring, and a Movano spokesperson said it would be targeting a lower price than the Oura while considering a subscription model.

Subscriptions, in particular, have become a popular way of pricing fitness trackers, such as the $30 per month subscription employed by the Whoop tracker instead of device purchase, Oura’s own $6 per month subscription needed to use its Ring Gen3 and Fitbit’s Premium service that unlocks additional features. Fitbit devices and the more recent Amazon Halo View, the Movano Ring, pairs up with an app that plans to give actionable advice based on the data the ring collects.

The company is designing the device with women particularly in mind while working toward getting clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for monitoring vital signs like heart rate, blood oxygen, and respiration.

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