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Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines Show Monthslong Immunity after Innoculation

According to a study published by Washington University, the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations provide months of protection against the virus. The researchers claim that no one has looked at whether the vaccines cause long-lasting responses in crucial lymph node areas. Their findings were published in the journal Nature on Monday.

Extensive clinical trials have previously been conducted on vaccinations. Nearly 38,000 people took part in the original Pfizer vaccination experiment, which tracked the number of vaccinated and unprotected people who became infected with COVID-19 over months. However, the study published on Monday looked at how the body reacts to the infection.

The researchers looked at germinal centers, which are structures within lymph nodes that teach immune cells how to recognize and respond to viruses. A total of 14 participants were enrolled in the research, each of whom received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines employ mRNA technology to instruct the body’s cells to produce proteins, or parts of proteins, that stimulate an immune response to the virus.

Participants’ blood samples were obtained right before they got the second dose of vaccine, as well as one, two, and four weeks afterward. After the second dose, 10 of the 14 individuals provided samples. Eight of them still retained germinal centers that produced virus-fighting immune cells. Blood samples were also taken from 41 healthy persons, eight of whom had previously been infected with COVID-19. Individuals who had recovered from a previous infection showed the most potent antibody responses after immunization.

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