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Minnesota Department of Health reported 256 new COVID-19 cases

The Minnesota Department of Health reported 256 new COVID-19 cases across the state on Tuesday, the lowest daily count in nearly a year. Case numbers tend to be lower early in the week, as weekend testing numbers go down.

The Minnesota Department of Health reported Tuesday’s count is the lowest daily number since June 23, 2020, when 245 cases were reported. Cases, in general, have been trending downward, with daily numbers staying below 1,000 since May 14. They began to release vaccination data for 12- to 15-year-olds on its website.

The first data comes nearly two weeks after the FDA gave emergency authorization for the Pfizer vaccine to be administered to that younger age group. According to the state vaccine dashboard, as of Sunday 60,711 kids ages, 12-15 had received at least one vaccine dose, and 107 had their full series. The most recent vaccine data is as of May 23. Just over 2.86 million Minnesotans have at least one dose, and over 2.5 million have a completed series.

The new data came out as Moderna announced that its COVID vaccine is safe and effective in kids 12 and up, one more step closer to that vaccine becoming the second approved for that age group.The vaccine dashboard reported that as of Saturday 2,506,883 residents were fully immunized, 56.8% of those 16 and older. The Minnesota Department of Health does not currently have vaccination numbers for those between ages 12 and 15 available. The dashboard says 2,859,019 people have received at least one dose, just 63.5% of eligible Minnesotans despite a ready supply of the vaccine.

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