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Microsoft Windows 11 Teaser is Out

As the people have been waiting to get some more news about the next big update for Windows, Microsoft just teased the upcoming launch of Windows 11 with a combination of various startup sound effects. The music and melodies for Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 have all been slowed down and related together with each other to form an all-new 11-minute “slo-fi” experience.

It is a bit vibrating to listen to it at first few times depending upon how kindly one reacts to high-pitched sounds, but the sceneries used in the video are mostly of the hills and skies that Microsoft has earlier used as an encouragement for each operating system’s default wallpaper respectively.

The YouTube reel of the startup is certainly praise-worthy, and a tribute to the many years the world has spent with Windows is appreciated. It is also a teaser for the upcoming event of Microsoft, which will be held on June 24, at 11 am ET, or 8 am PT.Interestedly, Microsoft seems to have selected the startup sounds related to the previous versions of Windows that had the more noteworthy boundary services.

Along with the rumors being made that the next expected version of Windows will be getting the Sun Valley overhaul, it seems that is what Microsoft is casting for.Sun Valley is the nickname of the aesthetic changes being made to Windows, though it is uncertain if the rollout will be mainly through the launch of the new Windows 11.

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