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Microsoft Updates the Outlook for Hybrid Work Environment

Microsoft was one of the first companies that warn other businesses that pandemics would change the work environment. Then the company has started implementing remote work both in its products and in practice about how employees get work done. Microsoft on Wednesday announced changes to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint, and surface hardware to improve the hybrid work model.

As the number of the covid cases reduced and companies returned to normal many top organizations, have implemented a hybrid work model. The company is updating the outlook to allow the employees to attend meetings in person or not. The revised outlook has an RSVP feature that will appear in public preview in the web version on the updated outlook. This new feature allows the users to select whether they will attend the meeting in person or virtually.

Once people are in a Microsoft Teams meeting, several enhancements are coming to make it easier for distant members to participate. Teams have a new Front Row layout that puts the video gallery to the bottom of the screen so that attendees in meeting rooms may see remote colleagues face to face. For nearly a year, Microsoft has promised this new structure, and it is an important component of the company’s vision for the future of meetings.

American multinational technology corporation is also updating the companion device experience for team rooms so that in-person attendees can join the meeting with their device. They will be prompted to enable their video to see remote participants inside the meeting room easily.

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