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Lost Ark is Getting a New European Server Region

Lost Ark is a new MMO that came from nowhere and quickly jumped into the charts on Steam. Diablo in Final Fantasy 14 clothing, offers something different to a crowd who are starved of new experiences.  Nearly 1,324,761 people were playing it at the same time. Right this second, there are still over 600,000 people clicking on mobs.

A lot of those people are queuing in the hopes of clicking on some mobs. Lost Ark queues are so notorious that they’ve become a meme.  Those players, help is on the way. Developer Smilegate plans to add an entirely new region of servers to cope with European demand.

According to the developer, the new server region will help accommodate new players who want to get into the game. This is because any Founder’s Pack rewards are tied to the server existing players have already selected. There are also some Lost Ark Founder’s rewards on the table for those who want to switch region, at least.

Smilegate does have some compensation for players who are already tied down, however. These include a new horse, skins, healing items, and a bunch more. As soon as the new server region is up, the rewards will be there until March 1.

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