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Liquorice May Help Treat Types of Cancer

Liquorice, a popular candy, may play a role in preventing or treating some types of malignancies, according to researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago. The research findings were published in the journal ‘Pharmacological Research.’

Gnanasekar Munirathinam and his research team are looking into chemicals produced from the Liquorice plant Glycyrrhiza glabra to see whether they may be utilized to slow or stop prostate cancer growth. Munirathinam is an associate professor in the College of Medicine Rockford’s department of biomedical sciences.

Dr. Munirathinam and student researchers conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the molecular insights of a Liquorice-derived substance called glycyrrhizin for cancer prevention and treatment, which shows that more research could lead to particular medications for therapeutic usage. “More research into exactly how these could best be used to build medicines is needed,” Munirathinam continued, “but this appears to be a promising area of cancer research.”

Liquorice has the potential to influence blood pressure, interact with certain drugs, and produce significant side effects, including death, if used in excess. Until more research shows how to effectively utilise the plant’s virtues, a sweet treat like Liquorice candy or tea may be a better option. “There have been very few human clinical trials,” Munirathinam remarked.

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