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Lightroom Users can now Edit Video

Adobe’s. picture editing tool, Lightroom, is receiving an unexpected new feature: the ability to edit video. users will be able to color grade their films using the app’s current settings as of this week’s release.  controls are, at least in my experience, far more intuitive for adjusting the appearance of an image than traditional color grading tools in video apps; when combined with users’ familiarity with the controls, the new feature should be a powerful option for anyone who wants to change the appearance of a video.

Lightroom isn’t going to become a video editor (and, in fact, it could already import videos, just not edit them). Color grade footage and trim the beginning and conclusion of clips are now possible with the new tools. You can’t put clips on a timeline, so if you want to colour grade a movie scene in here, you’ll have to go from shot to shot, making adjustments as you go. Instead, it appears that this is intended for photographers who manage to catch a few brief films while on location.

The video editing capability will be available on both the desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom. It won’t be available in Lightroom Classic, which already has restricted video editing capabilities. (From the Library page, you could trim films and apply basic tone settings, but the complete develop panel wasn’t available, as it will be in the next .) Other changes to  and Classic include an intensity slider to adjust the intensity of effects and new “adaptive presets” filters, which employ AI to apply effects to particular elements of a picture, such as the subject or sky.

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